Prince Frederik’s coat

The coat is made of dark blue wool cloth, double breasted with two rows of plain brass buttons. It could be buttoned to either side, to extend its wear. The long sleeves have buttoned cuffs, two seams and are gathered at the shoulder seams. The high collar and short tails were stylish for the time. It is heavily lined, padded and quilted over the back, shoulders and breast. The left sleeve has been cut open along the front seam, and is held together with seven sets of blue ribbon ties. There are hidden pockets inside and outside on the coattails. One of the brass buttons and some wood shavings were found in one of the pockets.

Stitched thread loops on the left breast and lapel show that the coat didn’t belong to just anyone. At age of nine Fritz had already been made Knight of the Elephant, the highest Danish heraldic order, as well as receiving the Dannebrog Order of Merit. The breast star was fastened on the left side of his coat. It was embroidered with silver sequins and silver thread, surrounding a central cross on red velvet. The Order of Merit was a crowned silver cross with the monogram of the reigning king, Frederik 6th, suspended from a white ribbon with red edges. As the young prince’s orders, which no longer exist, were worn on formal occasions, we can deduce that this jacket was not just an everyday jacket.

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