Brigitte Herrbach-Schmidt

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The main techniques of fabric construction are

Lacemaking, not fitting into this pattern, is examined separately


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Annemarie Seiler-Baldinger: Systematik der Textilen Techniken. Basel 1991 (Basler Beiträge zur Ethnologie Bd.32) – English edition: Textile: a classification of technique. Washington 1994 (It is about all things you may do to connect threads)

Elisabeth Hardouin-Fugier, Bernard Berthod, Martine Chavent-Fusaro: Les Etoffes. Dictionnaire historique. Paris 1994 (Very solid and readable at the same time, many English terms as well)

Irene Emery: The primary structure of Fabrics, London 1994, 3rd edition

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And don’t forget a magnifying glass for looking at your fabric; it need not necessarily be a linen tester.


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